A little about me

I experienced extreme anxiety as a child and battled with it throughout my teenage years. I was always sensitive to other's feelings and energy and felt compelled to help those around me. I now recognise in this narrative someone who would now be described as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and Empath.

After a significant loss in my 20's, anxiety became debilitating. I sought psychotherapy soon after as I was completely overwhelmed by grief and anxiety. I had a sense (somehow) at the time, that this excruciating experience would somehow bear gifts for me - in the form of perspective, gratitude and resilience - and the right support helped me do just that. 

I trusted myself to 'know' when I met the right person. I had a session with four, maybe five, practitioners until finally, I met a psychotherapist I immediately felt a connection with. Through this incredibly special relationship - which I dipped in and out of for decades - I experienced deep personal growth, enhanced self-awareness and understanding; my confidence and resilience blossomed; and this experience served to confirm a deep and long-held desire of mine, to become a therapist myself. 

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Counselling from the Australian College of Applied Psychology. I have additional training in narrative therapy; yoga psychology and psychotherapy; meditation; somatic psychotherapy; emotional freedom technique; family constellations; youth mentoring and more. I am constantly engaged in ongoing study which enables me to be creative in my approach and bring new techniques into my approach. I draw from interpersonal neurobiology, embodied psychotherapy, music therapy and so much more. These influences support my personal desire to remain curious and creative in how I work.

Why barefoot?

I was a gymnast, dancer and model in my youth and discovered yoga, Pilates and meditation in my 20's. I have always viewed the human experience through a deep connectedness of mind, body and spirit - and I bring this into my work. I embrace natural approaches to physical health and wellbeing and bring my creative nature to therapy. Working barefoot enables me to remain grounded and connected to my own body in a full and mindful way (research supports this too) - and I just find it so freeing and comfy! 

To find a lightness of being, we must also feel grounded - grounded in our body, our mind and our intentions for ourselves. I invite everyone who works with me to kick off their shoes (if they feel so inclined) and find their feet too - and many do! :). 

My passions

Ooooooooh, well - I am mad about:

  • Tea (insert fanatic, obsessed, expert) and high tea

  • Creating (writing, art and crafting)

  • Interiors and design

  • Art

  • Nature and animals - they are my absolute connection to spirit and truest source of perspective and healing

  • Coffee (one a day girl)

  • Food - I like it close to the way nature intended

  • Travel - there is never enough!

  • Slow time with friends - it is quite literally the best form of entertainment and inspiration

  • My beautiful family - it is a joy and privilege to have them close.

If I sound like someone you would like to work with get in touch today.

Book your first session online. I offer 25-minute (zoom and phone) intro sessions, which give you a low-cost way to see if I'm the right person for you.  

Image by Mark Olsen
The hummingbird reminds us to pause and reflect
to find meaning in the past
and seek joy in the present.
Then with wisdom and grace,
persistence and balance,
look toward the sweetness of life,
and a new lightness of being"
- Sharlene, 2019

I met Sharlene when I most needed clarity. It was evident she not only remembered every word, but she understood me. She explained what was useful and this was vital to me. It enabled me to build tools to move forward with a healthier mindset. I learnt much about myself and the importance of living in the present.

Steve, Sydney