How to Reclaim Yourself in Life & Love

Holistic Embodiment Workshop

This richly educational and experiential workshop is for anyone wishing to understand their embodied mind and relational self more fully.

I have brought together essential learnings immediately applicable to daily life and life that have the power to transform your understanding of yourself and yourself in relationship.     

What you will learn:

~ our relational embodied brain

~ the art of being fully present in the moment-to-moment experience of being 'you'

~ the power of the breath

~ somatic practices for daily life.

When we come into close contact with one another, the space between us holds a deeply-felt, knowing sense of our vulnerability and shared human experience - we are brought back to our biological need for connection


  1. Learn about attachment; core wounding; trauma; nervous system & polyvagal theory; embodiment practices; and more

  2. Full of info for your mind and experiences for your body

  3. Limited to 6 people per session

  4. Experiential workshop – includes meditation and somatic experiences for wellbeing

  5. Fast track education & self-awareness - equivalent to hours of individual therapy

  6. Better understand you so you can better understand your relationships

  7. 2.5 hours

  8. $250 pp

  9. Self-care gift



Lots of info here – too much?


  1. Attachment 

    1. What is it

    2. Styles

    3. In adult relationships

  2. Painful & traumatic experiences

    1. How we experience in our mind and embodied self

    2. getting stuck or over-inhabiting a dysregulated state – how the source of this is attachment, relationship history and trauma

  3. Embodied Self Awareness 

    1. Dysregulated

    2. Modulated

    3. Restorative 

  4. Window of tolerance (include?)

    1. How its created

    2. How to start working to our edge

  5. Felt experiences 

    1. Interoception

    2. Proprioception

    3. ANS

    4. Emotion

  6. Polyvagal theory

    1. Neuroception

    2. Polyvagal ladder

    3. Map ladder

  7. Accessing vagus nerve and stimulation parasympathetic calm 

    1. Calming breath – diaphragmatic breath and extended out breath to stimulate vagus nerve 

    2. Deb Dana (see notes on phone) meditation at end 

  8. Pair exercise – Radix

  9. Vibrational shaking to release body tension

  10. Toning vagus nerve – eye movement & stimulation exercises from Stanley Rosenberg book 

  11. Grounding /tethering to mother earth - Qi Gong grounding routine 

  12. Flow – tai chi

  13. Chant – vibrational healing

  14. How to increase energy UP from immobilisation

  15. Father sky (interconnectedness of all in nature) and mother earth (tethered and grounded) connection 

  16. Self regulation

  17. Co-regulation (synchronised breathing back-to-back)

  18. Scent for down or up regulation 

  19. Stillness heart breath from Kundalini


GIFT: pulse point roll on Perfect Potion 

HANDOUT: printed and sourced all above info and practice sessions (not too much given away)

Before starting therapy with Sharlene I wasn’t convinced it would be significantly beneficial. Now I can’t see how I went this long without it. There is no judgement, no forcing of resolution, just the ability to talk openly, be listened to and reflect on what is said. Sessions are enjoyable, comfortable and safe, which is the most important thing for me.

Mr J, Sydney

* all testimonials provided with express permission from clients of The Barefoot Therapist