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These very special private offerings are intended as deeper, focussed healing sessions. Time for you to leave the world behind and nurture yourself or your relationship. As stand-alone sessions that occur alongside and outside of therapy, these are suitable for anyone and make a loving gift. 

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Inner Child Healing Session

There is a small child within each of us who was at times blamed, shamed and wronged. A smaller version of ourselves who felt rejected and abandoned, who longed for acceptance and validation. He or She often shows up in our defensiveness and we can respond to his or her wounds in unhealthy ways that perpetuate our shame and damage our relationships.

In this deeply nurturing Inner Child Healing Session you will have the opportunity to connect to your inner child in a loving and compassionate way through a gentle guided meditation to heal her or him. We reserve time for an inner child activity and therapeutic conversation about your experience.   


Purchase this very special healing session for yourself or as a loving gift for someone who would benefit from deep inner child healing - here.

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Sound & Voice

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I'm so thankful for yesterday's session. Although I was very teary afterwards, I can say the relief in my lower belly is nothing short of miraculous! I knew it was emotional pain stored there, but I had been totally unable to access it until now. Thank you so much Sharlene. 

Ms J, Sydney

* all testimonials provided with express permission from clients of The Barefoot Therapist

Fear not the unexpected,  for you have an innate and wondrous capacity to transform.

In fear's place, shine a light of curiosity, at sameness, predictability and comfort, for it is often there where you encounter, that which holds you in chains.
Step gently into your canoe, leave the oars on the banks, allow the river to gently take you.

Whatever it is that awaits you, know you are already beautifully, masterfully made, to withstand it, to integrate it and to thrive”

– Sharlene, 2019

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