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See and Be Seen

The best therapist I've had in all my years. Clear, constructive, guided, aligned and super in tune with what I need. I look forward to my sessions as I unlock something new each time.

Anonymous, Sydney


I'm Sharlene ~ a holistic counsellor and somatic psychotherapist. As we explore together to uncover the historical and unhealthy patterns holding you back, you come to

understand your 'why'

& get clear on your
'what now'

Learn to

~ Understand your triggers

~ Welcome all emotions 

~ Self-regulate body & mind

~ Communicate your needs

~ Ask for what you want

~ Approach difficult conversations

~ Deeply listen

~ Set healthy boundaries 

~ Make sense of the past

~ Foster self-compassion

~ Reclaim your curiosity 

~ Validate yourself & others

~ Develop deep self-acceptance

~ Heal your inner child

~ Feel empowered & resilient

~ Foster a deep relationship with yourself & one another 

we are relational beings & we heal in relationships ~ therapy is one such relationship

A genuine connection is essential. Book a FREE 15-minute phone consult today.

I'm so amazed at what Sharlene is able to work through in our sessions together. She is attentive, intuitive and really invested in helping me work through my issues. After trying several other therapists, I've found her to be a unique, skilled and attuned practitioner. 

Anonymous, Sydney

Sharlene’s work me with me has been transformational. I’m able to acknowledge, sit with and process thoughts and emotions without feeling the need to medicate or self-sabotage. I consider having reached this point my greatest achievement! I am forever grateful. 

Mr C, Sydney

“Life can only be understood backwards;
but it must be lived forwards”

~ Soren Kierkegaard

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