How I can help

There are many reasons clients reach out to me for support. Here are just a few of the more common examples. 


If your need for support is not mentioned here - remember - all reasons are valid! A brief phone chat with me will help you work out if i'm the right person for you. Call me on 0482 502 394. 

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Wrestling with anxiety?

Anxiety can make you feel overwhelmed and out of control - at any age! When anxiety takes charge, it can feel like it's driving your bus and what you want is to take hold of the wheel!

Anxiety can wreak havoc in many areas of life. You may find yourself avoiding things and carving out a 'safe bubble' to hide out in. This can impact your engagement with the outside world, affect your relationships, work, physical and emotional wellbeing.

When you understand the ways anxiety sabotages your attempts to cope, it becomes possible to find your way back into the drivers seat.

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Under a dark cloud of depression?

Depression can make you feel stuck under a dark cloud, engulfed in overwhelming sadness. It skews your perspective and tricks you into thinking things may never change. 

Depression keeps busy making you feel judged, helpless or wedged under the dreaded rock of shame. Depression gets very cranky when we step into self-compassion, self-acceptance and honesty.   

Support can help you reconnect to hope and optimism and see, once again, the many possibilities that exist for you. 

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Intimacy or relationship challenges?

Understanding your own patterns of communication and connection (and that of your partner) can be powerful in improving intimacy and connection.​

Relationship disconnection, conflict or rupture, need not mean the end. Many relationships will find a deeper level of honesty and intimacy through a genuine process of repair.

Let's work together (you alone, or both as a couple) to uncover a more accepting, respectful and supportive relationship. Rekindle joy and passion through holistic relational counselling for couples.

Feeling isolated or alone?

Feeling isolated is not simply about 'being alone'. You might feel isolated in a crowd. It's possible you feel isolated in your struggles, burdened by thoughts that your situation is unique and no-one understands what you're dealing with. 

Feeling disconnected from others changes your perspective. Isolation can trick you into thinking you are truly alone in your struggles and make you feel unable to cope.

Holistic counselling can help you right now to feel heard, validated and supported. Re-remember your strengths, learn new coping skills and build resilience. For life. 

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Difficulties setting boundaries?

When you find it hard to set healthy boundaries, relationships suffer. You suffer. Health boundaries are essential self-care and ultimately lead you into more authentic and fulfilling relationships.

In our work together, we shine a light on your relational patterns and work to uncover any blocks to setting healthy boundaries.

Learn to set boundaries without guilt or shame.

Learn to respect the boundaries of others without feeling hurt or rejected.

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Grief too much to bear?

Grief and loss have many sources and look different for everyone, throughout life.


Grief that was long-ago buried can have long-reaching impacts on many areas of life including relationships and wellbeing. 

Whether it's the excruciating loss of someone precious; a relationship ending; loss of a job; relocation; social isolation; changes in physical health; children leaving home; lost opportunities and dreams - support through grief can be validating, grounding and strengthening. Reach out for support during this time and I will walk alongside you. 


Struggling with parenting?

Mothering can be the most beautiful and rewarding time in a woman's life. Day-to-day 'work' is sprinkled with exquisite moments between you and your child / children.

For many women, becoming - and being - a mother brings feelings of overwhelm, inadequacy, isolation, uncertainty, anxiety, low self-esteem and depression.

 If you are overwhelmed with mixed emotions, anxiety, guilt, relational conflict, sadness or confusion - counselling can help you find your feet again and thrive in your role as a mother and woman. 

Counselling can be a place to safely express frustrations; feel heard and understood; gain fresh perspectives; find new ways to adjust; and importantly, build new coping skills for life.

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Dealing with learning challenges?

Do you have learning challenges and sometimes feel the people you need to support you - simply don't get you? It can help to connect with someone who understands and can help you find ways to bridge the gap with school, university, work and relationships. 

Or maybe you have a child with learning challenges and wrestle with a myriad of conflicting emotions, high levels of stress and anxiety. You may also be spending an enormous amount of time and resources (financially and emotionally) seeking interventions and support to help your child in their development and learning.

Get support to help you rise above the stress, worrying thoughts and emotions that impact your life. 

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Need support during a life change?

Life transitions - whether planned or unplanned - can be a time of high stress and anxiety. Feeling out of control in the ambiguity can tap into fears and insecurities.

Feeling isolated, lost and out of control during major life transitions can lead to sleep disturbances; low mood; behaviour changes; and negative impacts on your work, self-care, relationships and wellbeing.

If you are going through a transition - separation, divorce, life-changing illness, job change or relocating - counselling can ground you and provide much-needed support. 

Tap into your vulnerability, find courage, hope and optimism. Learn coping skills to face change from a place of strength, acceptance and flow.