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join me on the therapy couch

and reclaim a lightness of being

Sharlene is the kind of counsellor, who, when you find her, you feel a bit like you have won the lottery ... "we hear each other into speech" and for me this means, a counsellor must create out of themselves a very special atmosphere of deep listening so the person seeking counsel is truly free to say what needs to be said. For me Sharlene is one of the few who have the self awareness and depth of presence needed to create this atmosphere. I feel deeply grateful to have found her.

Kerrie, Sydney


Hi there,


I'm Sharlene and I am a Sydney-based holistic counsellor, writer and creative.


I'm a fierce advocate for the life-changing growth that happens in a therapeutic counselling relationship. 

I offer counselling by phone, online and in-person in Wahroonga.

Ask about your spot today.


it can be intense, isolating and overwhelming.

Internal personal struggles, relationship tensions and mental health challenges can all feel more bearable when you feel supported and empowered in therapy.

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A little about me . . . 

Ooooooooh, well - I'm a mad tea [insert fanatic, obsessed, tester, expert, lover], high tea (consumer and passionate critic); creator (writing, drawer [of sorts], knitter, crocheter), passionate supporter of [those annoyingly talented] creative types, interiors lover (art, colour, textures - and the truly magical way they nurture and inspire us); coffee drinker (a one a day girl), nature and animal lover (my absolute connection to spirit and source of perspective and healing), foodie - as close to the way nature intended [most of the time], delicious and healthy [except when it's not] - :).

I can't wait to work with you!