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a place for rich conversations

Why a Salon?

A salon is traditionally a hosted gathering of people who share and muse about topics for education and pleasure. The period in which salons were popular was defined as the ‘age of conversation’ and in a time of so-called digital connections, many of us are craving meaningful conversation and connection.


My inspiration behind creating the Salon of Life is to create a safe space for intimate groups to talk …. about life! As a therapist I have seen how many of us are craving meaningful connection with people outside our familiar group. A space where the rich conversations we often have in therapy ~ about the world we live in, changing values, family life, friendship, work, wellbeing and so much more ~ can continue. 

I found Sharlene when I was at a low point in my life. With her guidance and  care I was able to look within and go deep into my healing whilst feeling supported and safe. I continue to see her as there is always something more she can teach me.

Anonymous, Sydney

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