What I believe is that we thrive in life, when we feel secure & nourished in our relationships

~ and that begins in our relationship with ourselves



“Life can only be
understood backwards;
but it must be lived forwards”

 ― Søren Kierkegaard

Personal and relationship freedom happens when you: 

Understand your barriers, triggers and raw spots

Tune into the wisdom of the body through somatic awareness

Have the inner confidence to show up for all emotions 

Build your capacity to self-regulate  

Learn to clearly communicate needs and boundaries 

Make sense of the past and the ways it shows up in the present

Heal your inner child and 

Experience wholehearted self-acceptance and self-compassion.

“To come to ground is to find a home in circumstances and in the very physical body we inhabit ... to face the truth, no matter how difficult... to begin the courageous conversation, to...  find the support and foundation that has been beneath our feet all along.”

 ― David Whyte


I am a holistic somatic psychotherapist who works with individuals and couples to facilitate deep personal and relationship transformation. You can read a little more about me here.

At the heart of my approach is integration of mind, body & soul. 

Healing occurs when you feel supported to reunite the wounded parts of yourself in the presence of a safe 'other'.  

~ we are relational beings and we heal in relationship ~ & therapy can be one such relationship ~

I facilitate collaborative and curious conversations that will bring you deeper self-understanding. I aim to inspire and empower you through education, self-awareness, embodiment practices and new relational possibilities.     


As a somatic, holistic practitioner, I work from a foundation of self (who am I), body (how do you experience, store and manage your emotions) to foster mind body awareness and integration. Theoretical foundations of my work can be found in attachment theory, trauma-informed care, polyvagal theory, yoga psychotherapy, interpersonal neurobiology and developmental psychology. I am inspired and influenced by a broad range of theories and philosophies. 

I strongly advocate the importance of a genuine connection with your therapist so I offer a FREE 15-minute personal phone consult prior to booking your first session.

Why Barefoot?

Being barefoot is grounding for the body and soothing to the nervous system. I welcome all those who work with me to kick off their shoes, relax into the sofa, take a deep grounding breath and find your feet too.  

I invite you to make yourself at home in my beautifully curated, soothing space and experience therapy in a whole new way. 


I felt so calm in Sharlene's presence. Her voice and the way she put things resonates so deeply with me. Everyone says 'do the work' but you have to find the right person to go where you need to go ... I found the right person and it's been absolutely amazing

Ms K, Victoria


Discoveries | Curiosities | Wisdoms 
by Sharlene
The hummingbird reminds us
to pause and reflect

to find meaning in the past
and seek joy in the present.

Then with wisdom and grace,
persistence and balance,
look toward the sweetness of life,
and a new lightness of being"

- Sharlene, 2019