Holistic Counselling

for individuals and couples

“Life can only be
understood backwards;
but it must be
lived forwards”

 ― Søren Kierkegaard


I'm Sharlene Townes.

Holistic Counsellor & Barefoot Therapist.

In Holistic Counselling I provide you with the support and guidance you or your relationship needs to transform distress and emotional pain.


Experience relief, hope and new perspectives. Long-term, meaningful change is absolutely possible. 

The focus of this very unique relationship is you


When you understand how the past shows up in your life and relationships and come back into contact with your 'whole self: mind, body & spirit', you heal the past and step into what I like to call a new lightness of being.

  • Build your capacity to regulate emotions during times of stress and conflict

  • Communicate your needs and boundaries calmly and clearly

  • Feel a greater level of confidence and self-awareness in your relationships

  • Understand how your past is showing up in the present and heal the old stories

  • Rebuild your connection to yourself and others 

  • Regain a sense of control and empowerment in your life

  • Foster resilience that serves you for life.

When we heal through reconnection of mind, body and spirit, it is my belief, that we come home

Why Holistic

We are not simply mental, cognitive beings. We experience the world through all of our senses, body and mind as one. The foundation of my counselling approach is the integration of the whole person and I believe when we do this work in this way, we reunite with our core selves. Historical wounds can be healed, released and integrated and they cease to govern our present lives and relationships. 

Doing the work for yourself within the safety and support of the therapeutic relationship has rewards far beyond your imagination. 

I genuinely look forward to doing the work alongside you to support you on your healing, empowering journey!

Why Barefoot

Being barefoot enables me to remain grounded in my body and connected in a mindful way when I work with you. I invite all those who work with me to kick off their shoes if they feel so inclined to find their feet . . . and many do.

How I can support you

Join me for Holistic Counselling in-person in Wahroonga - or get comfy in your own home and join me via zoom. Also check with your private health fund as many funds now offer rebates for counselling for registered practitioners.
There are no longer barriers to accessing the support you're looking for.
Feeling a connection is so important for healing and lasting change. If you would like to talk prior to booking with me call the number below or book a free 15-minute introductory phone call below. 

I genuinely look forward to our time together. 


Individual Therapy

Do you need individual support?

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Couples Therapy

Does your relationship need support?

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The hummingbird reminds us
to pause and reflect

to find meaning in the past
and seek joy in the present.

Then with wisdom and grace,
persistence and balance,
look toward the sweetness of life,
and a new lightness of being"

- Sharlene, 2019

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0482 502 394 

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