“Life can only be
understood backwards;
but it must be lived forwards”

 ― Søren Kierkegaard


Personal and relationship freedom happens when you: 

​~ Understand your barriers, triggers and raw spots

~ Tune into the wisdom of the body through somatic awareness

~ Have the inner confidence to show up for all emotions 

~ Build your capacity to self-regulate  

~ Learn to clearly communicate needs and boundaries 

~ Make sense of the past and the ways it shows up in the present

~ Experience wholehearted self-acceptance and self-compassion

~ Heal your inner child and experience the personal freedom you are longing for.


What I believe is that we thrive in life, when we feel secure & nourished in our relationships

~ that begins with our relationship to ourselves


Work with Sharlene

Sharlene is a somatic psychotherapist who works holistically with individual and couples. She believes that with self-awareness of body, mind & soul we once again feel grounded and empowered in life and love. 

Located in St Ives in the leafy upper north shore of Sydney, Sharlene works in-person and online across the country. 

Sharlene is an advocate for the importance of a safe and genuine connection with your therapist so she offers a FREE 15-minute personal phone consult prior to booking your first session.

Holistic Practitioner

Sharlene works from a foundation that we are not merely cognitive beings. We experience the world through all of our senses, body and mind, as one.


The foundation of her approach is integration of the whole person. She believes when we work in this way historical wounds can be healed, released and integrated and they no longer govern our lives and relationships. 

Why Barefoot?

Sharlene is well known for working barefoot and she advocates for the grounding affects on mind and body when we work this way.

Sharlene has curated a beautiful therapeutic space for you and clients relish the opportunity to experience therapy in such a soothing and relaxed environment.

Sharlene welcomes all those who work with her to kick off their shoes and once again find their feet.

Doing the work for yourself within the safety and support of a therapeutic relationship has rewards far beyond your imagination.


I felt so calm in Sharlene's presence. Her voice and the way she put things resonates so deeply with me. Everyone says 'do the work' but you have to find the right person to go where you need to go ... I found the right person and it's been absolutely amazing

Ms K, Victoria

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by Sharlene

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The hummingbird reminds us
to pause and reflect

to find meaning in the past
and seek joy in the present.

Then with wisdom and grace,
persistence and balance,
look toward the sweetness of life,
and a new lightness of being"

- Sharlene, 2019

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