Holistic Counselling

- for mind, body & spirit - 


I'm Sharlene Townes,
Holistic Counsellor & Barefoot Therapist 
When life and relationships feel challenging, to heal and integrate the past and present, we must focus on our whole being 
- mind, body & spirit -.
Holistic Counselling deeply respects and supports you on your path out of feeling stuck and towards a new ease and lightness of being.

Holistic Counselling provides you with connection in a uniquely supportive relationship; hope through understanding the whyand fosters meaningful, lasting change by empowering you in the how.
The focus of this very unique relationship is you! 
Join me for holistic counselling in-person in Wahroonga - or get comfy in your own home and join me via zoom.
There are no barriers to accessing support.
I'm available Wednesday through Saturday.

Want to make sure I'm the right therapist for you? Call me for a brief chat - feeling a connection is so important for healing and lasting change.

0482 502 394

I look forward to our time together. 


“Life can only be
understood backwards;
but it must be
lived forwards”

 ― Søren Kierkegaard

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Wahroonga, NSW, 2076.

Sydney, Australia.


0482 502 394 

Opening hours

Phone & Online (Wed - Sat) - 9am - 6pm

In-person (Wed & Sat only) - 10am - 6pm

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