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Time to Come Home

Getting to know yourself deeply is a life-changing experience.

With embodied self-awareness and the ability to respond, not react, you can find a whole new confidence to express exactly who you are in life and love. With an attitude of open curiosity - in present moment experience - holistic therapy with me provides:

  • a safe space to explore old patterns, beliefs and behaviours that hold you stuck

  • understand your needs and learn to confidently communicate them

  • learn to set healthy boundaries in relationships

  • become a deeper listener

  • tune into and harness present-moment experience

  • process and integrate experiences of trauma and grief

  • learn to ground and self-regulate to manage emotions

I advocate the importance of a genuine connection with your therapist, so I offer a FREE 15-minute phone consult prior to booking your first session. Alternatively, if you're ready to start therapy you can book your initial session online now.  

I found Sharlene when I was at a low point in my life. With her guidance and  care I was able to look within and go deep into my healing whilst feeling supported and safe. I continue to see her as there is always something more she can teach me.

Anonymous, Sydney

Intro 15 minute phone call 

with Sharlene


1 hour individual session - in person (St Ives). 


1 Hour individual session over the phone


1 hour individual session via ZOOM



"Fear not the unexpected,  for you have an innate and wondrous capacity to transform.

In fear's place, shine a light of curiosity, at sameness, predictability and comfort, for it is often there where you encounter, that which holds you in chains.
Step gently into your canoe, leave the oars on the banks, allow the river to gently take you.

Whatever it is that awaits you, know you are already beautifully, masterfully made, to withstand it, to integrate it and to thrive”

– Sharlene, 2019
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