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Reflections on the Year that Was

We begin each year with so-called 'resolutions'; anchors for the year ahead to help us establish goals we set for ourselves to achieve and grow. What we often forget to do is gather our hard-won knowledge and resilience gained throughout the year that was.

Make some time for yourself, sit under a tree, take a cuppa, and reflect on the year that was.

Here are some questions to get you started .... to help you capture the ways you've shown up this year. Acknowledge your new-found strengths and wisdoms - all of which are yours now - no-one can take these from you. They will guide you now and in the years ahead.

  1. What did you read this year that will stay with you? Why?

  2. What music was the soundtrack to important experiences this year?

  3. Who really made an effort to contribute to your happiness this year?

  4. Have you made an effort to contribute to someone else's happiness this year? Who? How?

  5. Is there someone you wish to deeply thank for the positive impact they had on your life this year?

  6. What is something that felt hard for you this year that feels a little easier now?

  7. What was the most challenging experience of the year for you?

  8. What did you learn about your capacity to cope from this experience?

  9. What aspects of your nature helped you come through this experience?

  10. What new skills have you learned that pulled you through?

  11. Name an experience from the year you will remember for the rest of your life?

  12. If you could go back to 1st Jan, what advice would you give yourself about the year ahead?

  13. How did you prioritise your own needs this year? How could you do this even better next year?

  14. Make a list of the people who supported you and showed you they have your back. How can you make time for and celebrate these relationships?


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