Individual Therapy

Holistic counselling can help if you feel anxious, depressed, a loss of identity, low self-worth, stressed, overwhelmed, lost, sad, fed up with old patterns - and a vast array of other messy, human emotions. It can also unlock physical pain as we store difficult emotional and traumatic memories in our bodies.     

If you haven't been taught to tune into your whole being - you are in for a treat

Sharlene has a way with words that captured my experiences so accurately. She gave me practical tools to use every day that helped me break free of a cycle of over-thinking and difficulty sleeping. I have learned so much about myself and grown so much with her guidance. I didn't believe in counselling before I met her, but now I feel so grateful to have found her. She has opened my eyes to whole new perspectives and its been a life-changing experience. I'm now mentoring people around me at work and in my personal life and it feels so good to even be in a place to do that - I never imagined that would be 'me' prior to meeting Sharlene.

Mr L, Sydney

Fear not the unexpected,  for you have an innate and wondrous capacity to transform.
In fears place, shine a light of curiosity, at sameness, predictability and comfort, for it is often there where you encounter, that which holds you in chains.
Step gently into your canoe, leave the oars on the banks, allow the river to gently take you.

Whatever it is that awaits you, know you are already beautifully, masterfully made, to withstand it, to integrate it and to thrive”
– Sharlene, 2020

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