Holistic Individual Therapy

Time to come home

Experience a whole new level of self-acceptance, healing and joie de vivre.

​Holistic counselling with Sharlene can help if you feel anxious, depressed, feel a loss of identity, low self-worth, stressed, overwhelmed, lost, sad, fed up with old patterns - and many other messy, human states. 

Sharlene works from a foundation of mind, body and soul and guides you towards feeling grounded in all that you are and all that you want to be. She facilitates deeply healing conversations and invites you deeper into your body and internal world. Her approach is infused with psychoeducation so you are empowered in understanding. She provides practical tools so that you can start to live differently .... today. Working somatically can also unlock physical pain, as it is now very clear, the ways our bodies experience and hold our emotional and traumatic lives.

With an attitude of open curiosity, we relearn to hold ourselves in the present, accept ourselves as we are and learn to live through the contradictions and challenges of life. 

Sharlene has been guiding me through the most difficult part of my life - the death of my mother. Anxiety and grief had me bedridden. I know healing is a long road and I'm learning to walk it with gentle footsteps and self-love with Sharlene's support. I can't recommend her enough if you need help on your healing journey.

Mrs C, Adelaide

* all testimonials provided with express permission from clients of The Barefoot Therapist

Fear not the unexpected,  for you have an innate and wondrous capacity to transform.

In fear's place, shine a light of curiosity, at sameness, predictability and comfort, for it is often there where you encounter, that which holds you in chains.
Step gently into your canoe, leave the oars on the banks, allow the river to gently take you.

Whatever it is that awaits you, know you are already beautifully, masterfully made, to withstand it, to integrate it and to thrive”

– Sharlene, 2019

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