5 things about therapy

I love what I do! What I love most is seeing clients transform through coming to deeply understand themselves. I witness relief, hope, validation, acceptance, deep processing, letting go, motivation, laughter, beautiful a-ha moments, excitement, new boundaries, better relationships and a renewed desire for a vision of life they have always held for themselves. It is empowering for them and I see this in their faces.

Great therapy brings you firmly back into contact with 'yourself'

We spend so much of our time in the day-to-day, getting through and working towards the next thing that we can easily lose contact with our deeper, felt sense, of who we are, what we desire. We long for, we crave, a lightness and an ease of being that feels natural.

Here are 5 things I would love you to know about therapy:

Relief and change can happen quickly

As the central focus of a relationship, in the safety of the therapeutic space, you have a truly unique opportunity to focus entirely on you. This allows you to tune IN and connect to what is most important. When you clearly identify your needs, goals and the barriers, the path to meaningful change becomes crystal clear.

Understanding yourself fosters empowerment

Make that which is unconscious, conscious. "Everything depends on upbringing", said Leo Tolstoy. When we understand the relational patterns we learned in childhood, link painful experiences to current tensions, uncover the ways we adapted to survive, we come to see where change is possible - it's deeply freeing and transformative. You once again feel in control, back at the helm steering your ship.

Great therapy teaches you practical tools that support you for life

Understanding is half the work! With understanding, you see where you want to move from. Great therapy provides you with the tools and new skills to step firmly onto the path towards the vision you hold for yourself. Learn acts of resilience; find your inner purpose; reconnect back to what makes your soul sing and learn how to bring this into your life and relationships.

When you reconnect to your body you reopen a line of communication that has always existed

Neuroscience tells us emotions impact our thoughts, behaviour, physical wellbeing and relationships. When you understand the ways your body speaks to you about all that it holds on your behalf, you reopen a line of communication that has always existed, from which you had somehow become disoriented. You come to understand how it signals to you that change is needed and you regain confidence to interpret its messages. You feel empowered in your wellbeing journey by an inner knowing that is uniquely yours and has always been there waiting for you to tune in.

Rewrite your narrative

At any given moment, there is an opportunity to rewrite your narrative. Whatever it is you have come from, with new understanding, skills and a clear vision you can choose the next step along your path. There is no reason to remain stuck in what was. The opportunity to grow stands before you. Trust that you have what you need within and in front of you.