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Authenticity is your Anchor

"When we ignore who we are at our core, are remiss in the task of articulating the landscape of our inner world; when we choose to live under a pretence that others' plans for us are more important than our own; if we subscribe to false ideals and prescribed perfection .... we feel a gnawing disquiet, an uneasiness: we feel compelled to search, uncertain of what it is we seek, or why it is we seek it.

When we honour our authenticity, who we are at our deepest: our values, beliefs, dreams, desires, our flaws, gifts, vulnerabilities and imperfections ... we find an ease - within ourselves, with our choices, with others.

Life feels .... whole.

Struggles become ... (in ways they had not before) ... manageable, not easy, but bearable sources of growth.

There is less tension; less pull towards an unknown; a freedom, unlike you've ever experienced.

Our capacity, our strength, our willingness to go into the uncomfortable ... expands us.

Take a look, deep inside,

articulate what makes you content, proud, passionate, joyful, clear, willing and vital.

Surrender into you. Find a new aliveness.

Honour yourself. Anchor yourself, in life's challenges and life's delights by making the time and space

to articulate your version of . . . . Authenticity".

Sharlene, 2012


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