Resilience: Actions you can take today

We all have an incredible capacity for resilience – human nature is truly stunning in this regard. There are times however, like right now during this crisis, when you might feel you are not functioning as you want to be and the 'how to' of resilience, seems illusive.

Resilience – your capacity to adapt well or bounce back when faced with adversity, uncertainty and traumatic events – is by definition – action. You don’t build resilience through avoidance, hiding and pushing away the ‘uncomfortable’. You foster resilience by ‘flowing with’ and ‘walking through’ difficulty to develop new perspectives, inner strength and build coping skills that serve you - for life.

If you find yourself having moments where you wonder ‘how will I get through this [minute, hour, day, month, year] . . . . read on and above all - act.

Resilience building actions you can take right now:

Action 1: Foster wellbeing - by leaning into simple daily routines that take care of you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The simple actions of ...

  • taking time to prepare and eat yummy food

  • moving your body – in active and soothing ways

  • finding time to be amongst the beauty and calming effects of nature

  • connecting with your natural breath to 'tune in' and live more mindfully to calm your nervous system

  • prioritising good sleep hygiene through 'preparing' for bed in nurturing and healthy ways

... will deeply support and ground you. Your whole being (mind, body and spirit) is truly your temple, your solid foundation during difficult times.

Bonus *** when you do this for yourself, you also model 'the how’ to those around you (especially children). You become a beacon of light and strength others can draw from and learn from.

TIP **** sometimes you convince yourself it's easier to numb or mask your feelings through drinking, shopping, gaming, substances, etc, but these weaken your foundation in every way - and in the long-run lessen resilience.

Action 2: Build and nurture relationships

When you connect with others you are reminded of our shared human experiences of suffering - yo