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Start therapy and light your inner Spark

Starting therapy can feel daunting.

Putting words to painful feelings in front of someone you don’t know.

Sharing long held secrets with a complete stranger.

Being vulnerable in the company of someone (you’re not quite sure yet) you can trust.

Therein lies the beauty and the power of this truly unique relationship!

Unlike other relationships - within a therapeutic connection - the focus of the relationship is you!

As you express painful feelings, they are heard with compassion.

As you expose long held secrets, they are met with non-judgement.

As you connect to your vulnerability, you are held in a safe and nurturing space.

No agenda,

other than your psychological well-being.

I believe deeply we all have the capacity to heal ourselves.

Sometimes however, we simply need someone to light our spark.

“Therapy can be the acceleration out of a stagnant pattern,

the support needed for an important change,

the guidance for rebuilding self-worth”.




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